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Tips and strategies to help you ace the LanguageCert Test of English (LTE)

March 1, 2021

So, how do you prepare to ace the LanguageCert Test of English (LTE)? Check out some

important tips and strategies below and apply them to your LTE preparation!

  • Set a clear, achievable, concrete goal. Evaluate your level first and be reasonably but not overly ambitious.
  • Give yourself enough time to prepare for the test!
  • Invest in extra resources. Make sure you make good use of them
  • Plan a personalised study programme. Remember we do not all study or learn the same way.
  • Try to enjoy your training as much as possible. Challenge your previous scores.
  • Divide your exam preparation time appropriately: devote the same amount of time to both Listening and Reading.
  • Know the format of the test and what to expect (e.g. topics, language functions to be expected).
  • Research the ‘test regulations’ before your test so as not to worry about them on your Test Day.
  • Don’t skip any question. Remember, in the adaptive test you must answer each question to get to the next one.
  • Be familiar with the platform of the CB adaptive test. Get to know it in good time, practice with it, be aware of how it can support you if needed.
  • Don’t worry about the adaptive function of the adaptive CB test (e.g. whether the questions are getting easier or not). Focus on the test items.
  • Don’t panic if you can’t find the answer. Look for context clues which are always there or look for wrong answers instead of correct ones.
  • Aim to answer as many questions as possible and guess as a last resort. Always answer every question.
  • Keep an eye on the time.
  • Try to manage your stress on Test Day. That will help you perform better on your Test Day.
  • Take advantage of mass media and websites which are great ways to improve your English! Watch, listen and read real English on a regular basis!

Do you have questions or concerns about your LTE preparation? Why don’t you talk to one of our education experts? Our team is committed to providing friendly, immediate and high-quality assistance and guidance. Call or write to us today!