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What you need to know about education, skills and life-long learning

January 11, 2021

Let’s begin with a statement: the world is facing a reskilling emergency. And let’s have a look at some numbers as appeared in an article published by the World Economic Forum:

  • as jobs are transformed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, more than 1 billion people need to be reskilled by 2030.
  • by 2022, 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change.
  • more than 1 billion jobs, almost one-third of all jobs worldwide, are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade
  • even in higher-income economies, 62% of the population have basic digital skills like sending emails, while just 44% have standard skills like creating electronic presentations.

While the immediate response was rightly focused on public health, it quickly became evident that skills and education would play an important role in the economic rebound.

COVID-19 drove millions to work and learn remotely from home, accelerating the need for digital skills and online learning tools. Digital competency is now in high demand along with specialized interpersonal skills, including skills related to sales, human resources, care and education.

The pandemic creates an opportunity to reimagine education and workforce training. We, at goLearn are also proud for our lifelong learning and skills development programs. In collaboration with leading universities, we deliver a variety of high-quality, online courses that equip our learners with the knowledge, skills, and expertise required for the workplace of the future – or to be more precise of the present.